How to Register

We are so excited by your interest in joining the Prince Rupert Amateur Swim Club - one the top sports clubs in the Northwest with a long history of teaching young swimmers and top performers alike. 

Registering with a new sport can be intimidating. We are patient and happy to help you at any time. And, to help you with some of the more common question please read on below for instructions on how to register and a few Frequently Asked Questions. 

Create an Account

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Creating an account:

If you are ready to register, then please follow these simple steps:

1) Click Sign In on the top right side of the screen.
(Here you will Create an Account with PRASC)

2) Add a payment method to your account. Payments are automatically charged to the credit card on your account.

3) Add a swimmer. Once you have an account, please Add your swimmer's name and Date of Birth exactly, as this will be an important part of their insurance / sport registration. 

4) Click Registration - Program Information on the top of your screen. Here you will select your group (eg: Class 1) and time if applicable. 

5) Select the swimmer you wish to register

5) Answer / check all questions on the following screens and submit - you are now registered!

Frequently Asked Questions:

What you need to know before joining:  Can your child swim at least 25m unassisted without stopping? PRASC is a swim club, which is a perfect off-shoot for parents/children who have made it through lessons to the point of being safe in the water but are now looking for more 'swimming' as opposed to life saving or other activities in the water. This 25m unassisted is mandatory, however, to get the most out of the program and to take part safely.

Which group should I register in? In 95% of cases, swimmers who are joining out of lessons should start in the Mini-Rapids group, and the entry age in this group has always ranged from 5-12 years.  Our coaches will assess all new swimmers and sort them into groups by ability and strength, so don't worry about age too much. The key is to learn all of the basic skills and to develop stamina in the water. If your child can complete 25m unassisted, but does not yet know how to comfortably swim all 4 strokes (freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke and butterfly) then Mini-Rapids is likely your first group.  If you are a returning swimmer and have not yet received an email regarding your level, please email the registrar at